Welcome to KRCS

Welcome to the King’s Ridge Christian School website. This is an exciting time in the life of this institution, as we work together to advance the mission of KRCS and to further God’s work in the world around us.  
King’s Ridge Christian School is a very special place. Among our strengths, there are a number of things that set us apart.  First, this is a place of great intellectual activity and academic rigor. We seek to be the best in the world at providing a Christian college-preparatory program for students in grades Pre-K - 12; teaching students to view all learning through a Biblical template. Second, we have a passion to bring every student into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ while equipping our students to do with all excellence that which God calls them to do. From our founding in 2001 until now, our enduring mission has been to be a Christian community providing a college preparatory education equipping student to know, to serve, and to believe in Christ. Third, we’re preparing young men and women not just for college but also for life. Our aim is to educate not indoctrinate. Students not only have the freedom but also the encouragement to pursue knowledge, as well as their giftedness and calling, to the fullest extent possible. 
Whether you’re a KRCS graduate, a friend of the school or you’re interested in learning more about us, we’re glad that you paid this virtual visit to our campus. I invite you to explore our website and get to know us better. As you do, I hope you’ll get a better sense of the King’s Ridge Christian School that I’ve come to know:  a place where learning is contagious, the faculty is engaging, where faith is deepened, and where exciting things are happening.

If you share the same passion and mission and are interested in experiencing it, I hope you’ll pay us a visit.  

Dr. Jeff D. Williams
Head of School